Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill

     Ok, so, now to comment on political stuff, and MY onions on the Deepwater Horizons Oil Spill. I knowledge that I'm not the most informed person, and I assume that no one will agree with me, but hear me out. So, the explosion of the rig was a FREAK ACCIDENT, granted, the platform wasn't that well maintained, but no one could've predicted the explosion. So, truthfully, it's not actually BP's fault. I suppose their immediate reactions were, but still. Then, Obama shafted them with the cleanup, which I can't say I disagree with, but I also think that if politicians weren't so goddamn afraid of mentioning the word "taxes" we could, I dunno, use some of our tax dollars. And now, everyone's getting pissed and people are boycotting BP. Let's review. The people that we are expecting to cleanup the oil spill, are being cut off from incoming money. Adults, you suck. I'm pretty sure that this isn't how America is supposed to work, for instance, WWII, people banded together and SOLVED THE PROBLEM. Granted, BP is an awful company environmentally and humanitarian-wise, but they are the ones solving the problem, so unless you want ot do something yourself, I think that we shouldn't contribute to the problem. But truthfully, it's not like all the plans are coming from BP, it's just that we give them the most crap when stuff doesn't work.

My solution, get BP to open up their stateside refineries, and let anyone who brings in oil get it refined for free, oh wait, OPEC...

Another thing, how do redheads exist?
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