Monday, November 10, 2008

Sorry Guys

I was planning on getting up some "Scary Stories" for Halloween, but I failed, obviously.

Here's some [late] Halloweeen Stories, only one of them is mine, can you guess which one?

Once, there was a Farmer, he had a few horses, but his favorite one was named Maggie. He'd had her for quite a while, and she was pretty old. Although he didn't ride her anymore, he still fed her, and took her out to run.
One day, at the Local Carnival, he went to the future telling both, the gypsy said, "It's foggy, but, your favorite horse will cause your death."
When he got back to his ranch, he eyed Maggie a bit diffferently, hoping she wouldn't cause his death.
A couple weeks later, a man came up to the farmer, and asked if he could have his horse, he had a couple of kids, and they would love it. The farmer agreed, and was glad that that weight was lifted off his shoulders.
A good while later, the man came back to the farmer, and told him that Maggie had died. In spite of himself, he couldn't help but feel glad. "Can I go see her?" the Farmer asked.
WHen he got to the man's house, he looked in the corner of the pasture and saw Maggie's bones there. He knelt down and picked up Maggies Skull, only to discover that a rattlesnake had made it's home under it. The snake bit him and the farmer died. The End

One day Jack woke up, and found a note under his pillow, which read you will die in 7 days. Jack thought that his brother was messing with him, and quickly forgot about it.
The next morning, he found a note under his pillow you will die in 6 days. He thought it was his brother again, and was determined to catch him in the act. Jack tried staying up, but fell asleep at 12-ish. When he woke up, a note said 5 days. 
Jack was getting progressively more and more scared. He went through the same routine on the 4th and 3rd nights, by then he was pretty scared. 
Interestingly enough, the next day, Jack's brother had a sleep-over at a friend's house, so Jack slept easy that night. In the morning, he found a not: 2. HE was TERRIFIED! He kept checking behind his back all day, and was really jumpy.
He didn't sleep a wink, and he went to his parent's bed. In the morning he found a note Last Day. Jack skipped school, and locked himself in the closet and hid all night.
In the morning, he went to his bed, and found his pillow was gone, beside it was a note Thank you for your patience, your pillow wasn't actually a pillow, it was an under-cover KGB agent, we exterminated him. -CIA
Jack was so glad, he ran downstairs to tell his parents, but on the way down, he tripped on 
his shoelace, fell, and died. The End

It should be pretty easy, try to guess which one I wrote, leave a comment.
Thanks for reading!

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Capelad said...

Hmm... It was tough figuring it out, but i think i got it. It was the third one right?