Sunday, February 28, 2010


Well, I went to the Spy Museum, yesterday, and it was a lot of fun. It's a pretty interesting place, and I was about 2/3 done when my dad called and told me that he was waiting in the gift shop, so I had to dash through the last third of the exhibits! The thing is, this happens ALL THE TIME! I go to a museum with someone, and I try to read everything, but the other people want to leave, which makes me sad. So, if I go to a museum with you sometime, I'm sorry I'll take 3 hours, it's just how I work. However, I did go to the Marine Museum with Crazydude, and I did get to read everything, so it worked out pretty well, even though he might have been bored out of his skull...

Also, I have a noteboook with more thoughts, but I am too lazy to get it for this post. Sorry guys! Also, I apologize for copping out on those stories I was supposed to write, too much of a bum am I. However, with that said, I did write a pretty good space story, and it's a decent number of pages long. I hope I get it back... And I wrote one about B- You'll see... Yeah, I have to write the rest of those stories from the poll, don't I?*

I added word verification, sorry guys, I know how much it sucks, but spambots...

*yes I do.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

First class, man this is bad, sipping Orange juice out of a fine wine glass

Friday, February 26, 2010

Today: I waited tables for my teachers, got delicious food for free, and washed A LOT of dishes. I like washing dishes.
The last 2 days in perspective: yesteqday, I went to the store with my dad at 10,and got pastries, orange juice and fake beer, all the food groups.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Various Thoughts and a Story?!

Well, in case you were wondering about the story part, that poll that a lot of you filled out, on stories I should write, the results were to close to call. While dinosaurs won, with 3 votes, there were three other topics that got two votes, Spacemen, Musketeers, and Renaissance. Unfortunately for Cowboys and Adventure, they only got one vote each. So, Thanks to all of you participating, and I have 15 followers!! Thanks to all of you guys, even the fictional ones! But, now to some various thoughts!

  • Well, I'm watching the Olympic Snowboardcross events. Snowboardcross? Really? Wikipedia, and Comedic Viewing Guide. I'm going to be making jokes about this for weeks...
  • I remember when it snowed before winter break. I was walking down a street that usually is full of traffic, completely abandoned. I kept walking, and the streets where deserted. Every once in a while I would see a lone figure through the curtains of snow, and they would just stare back. It was definitely what it would be like in a post-apocalyptic scenario...
  • Well, I sent in my order form to Plan-it-x, the Super Sale Pack thingamajig. I hope it arrives soon!
  • I was talking with my friend on that Facebook, and he said "My momma said stupid is as stupid does." Of course, I had to reply with another Forrest Gump Quote, so I said, "MY momma said life is like a box of Chock-lots. You never know what'ch you're gonna get." While at typing this, I was looking at my profile, and saw that one of my friends had posted a response t a question about whether or not I would survive a horror movie. I've had many a conversation with the friend I was talking to on that subject exactly, so I told him to check #2 on my profile, the answer being the 2nd thing there. But, he must have gone to my info, and Forrest Gump was 2nd on my list of favorite movies. It was coincidental, If I do say so myself.
  • I realized, I know a lot of photographers. For instance, Crazydude's father is a photographer, and currently has an exhibit at the Art Center, you should check it out. My uncle works for the Detroit Free Press in the photography department, Nemo is a really good landscape photographer. Yep.
  • Are you down with O.P.P.? Are you?
  • My brother's car is majikal man. So, at 9 pm or so, we hopped in his car, and I was too lazy to put a jacket on before we left the house., so I was wearing just a T shirt and flannel. And pants of course. I was sitting in his car, and we were driving. I was breathing out, and I could clearly see my breath. Not like when you breathe hot air to try to see your breath, but just normally breathing. So, here I was sitting in his car wearing a flannel shirt and seeing my breath, but I wasn't cold. At all. It was so surreal! And now I'm convinced that his car is majikal.
  • Note to the guys: Yesterday was valentine's day, which gives you so many chances for getting girls to like you, or to just be a nice person. To begin with, it's valentine's day, so you don't have to beat around the bush to get to topics of relationships. A lot of people have had relationships end recently, compliments! And, some girls have never gotten a Valentine, so, if you hear this, it's time to man up and make a valentine. As such was my valentine's day. Oh, and I tried to add my middle name on Facebook, but they didn't believe me!
Ok, story time! So, I'm going to be doing 4 stories, because you guys are so darn indecisive! Haha, and I'll save the Dinosaur one for last, as the most people voted for it. I'm thinking about just writing an introduction, and whichever one people like the most I'll continue writing. Any thoughts on that? Comment below! Here's the Renaissance one:

His name was Galileo the Lesser. In 16th century Venice, he was virtually unknown. He was determined to make a name for himself, no matter the consequences.
Taking pride in his latest act of thievery, Galileo calmly walked down the Avenue. HE heard shouts behind him, and turned around to see armor-clad swordsmen running towards him. He turned around and bolted towards the waterway. Galileo leapt off the bridge, right onto a dinghy filled with produce, and nearly capsized it on impact. He knocked the sailor out of the boat and took off, but he guards were still tailing him. He leapt off the boat, and hit the ground, hard. With no time to worry about his injuries, he sprinted across the boulevard, stepped up to the double doors, and calmly walked into the Cathedral...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Various Thoughts and Frolicsomeness

More thoughts, can you see the pattern in the names?

  • It appears as though spambots have found my blog. I'm going to assume that you all like not having the word verification before you comment, I know I do, but spambots are my enemy. So, anyone who wants to comment freely/more easily, comment below, or participate in the poll over the course of the next week.
  • I've begun keeping a dream journal, mostly because I've been having some really weird dreams, and I want to remember them. Here's the gist of one of my dreams from last night: I was sure of an imminent nuclear attack on DC, and was telling my friends, that anyone who wanted to live should hop in my brother's car with me. Then there was something about laser pistols. So, the time came to leave, and no one had shown up. I grabbed my backpack and was ready to hop in the car, but then, nothing happened.
  • Crazy dreams, am I right?
  • So um, I've spent at least 10 hours during the past week or so on . that place is amazing! It's a whole bunch of artists in a close-knit community setting giving their music away for free! If you want to friend me, my username is Red. I found it by following links through Plan-it-x, a lot of artist's websites have free tracks or albums. Then, I found If You Make It, which is similar to Cllct, but more Punk oriented, and has a tab for free albums. You should check them out!
  • I just wrote all of the stuff on music, and didn't realize that that was my post all of 3 days ago... Oh well.
  • I recently got a pack of dinosaurs at Wallgreens. Success! And Red Vines, and a Blue Hot Wheels Vego!
Thanks for reading Today's nonsensicalness!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Various Thoughts and Tomfoolery

Well, there is A LOT of snow out there right now. Yeah

Well, I've found Plan-It-X , and was browsing through their artists, and found my way over to The Collective Community, which I feel like Nemo would like. It has free music, a community aspect, and Ukulele!! Then I watched Jurassic Park III. That was 4 hours of my day yesterday...

Today, I found if you make it, and spent a whole lot of time there... It's pretty similar to CLLCT, but has more punk music, if not all punk music... Yeah.

So, because of those, I now have a couple hundred new songs in my library...

Yesterday was Bob Marley's birthday, and it reminded me of a conversation I had earlier, about how everyone is born liking Bob Marley, it's just natural. But think about it, EVERYONE like's Bob Marley's music, and the world isn't that mushc better than in his day and age, in some aspects it's worse, so, what could Bill and Ted really do?

I have defeated the batman!