Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Here is a mobile story I wrote about the Blargapuss. It may be out of order. I'll fix that later.
In the bombed out city, reduced to rubble, the Blargapuss walked down what used to be streets. Not truly understanding what happened, nor what would come.
The Blargapuss shuffled around for a bit more, until it came apon a single leaf. The Blargapuss raised a silver apendage to the sky.
And a tree grew from the leaf.
And so the Blargapuss continued walking through the ruined city.
For, the Blargapuss doesn't create death, those yearning for the Blargapuss create death.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Well, I convinced my good Friend Nemo to finally create a blog. He does have some very interesting viewpoints, and
I may reference him alot. His blog is called A Road That Disappeared . His, and many other blogs I follow are extremely interesting (at least from my point of view...)

Anywho, Here's one of my comments on "The 21st Century: No, monarchy is damn well not looking better every day" thread.

I believe that I'm an exemption to the "People are good" rule.

But honestly, yes, people are good. Humans don't naturally want to cause each other harm. People are conditioned by the environment around them, and it's not society's fault. In the case of America, most non-mental problem violence is caused by people's environments. No, America isn't a Hell hole, it's is the best place to live in the world, but factors come into play that alter people's behavior. First, the press only reports on bad things and animals being born, so people come under the impression that tons of people do bad things. This is wrong. Additionally, some people think that pretending to be "bad" will make them more important. They don't realize the implications of what they say, and then foolish people believe them, and try to follow their non-existent footsteps.

Also, nobody wants to create a war. They are faced with a problem and the last apparent solution is war. But nobody wants to grab a gun and risk their lives defending their viewpoints. They only do because no other option is available to them.

Back to society. Sure, stupid people do stupid things because of society, but look at all the good things it's done. The UN is solving the world's problems every day, and is the pinnacle of humanity working together. And while some celebrities may do stupid things, think about how many people celebrities from around the world have helped.

People only find Monarchy appealing because one person is in charge, and they don't want to have any of the blame for anything that goes wrong.

There may be a few "Evil" people, but evil or not depends on what your point of view is. And however horrible things they do, they have a reason behind them, which makes their actions justified in their own minds.

In short, Monarchy sucks, and humans and society aren't bad. There is no evil person (Except Mickey Mouse...), and the world is getting better all the time.

*Also, to All Americans: America is not a bad place. It is the best place in the world to live. So stop pretending that it's a terrible place, and stop shooting each other. If you still aren't convinced, go buy a plane ticket, and go fly to Central/South America, Central Africa, or Southeast Asia. No matter how poor you are in America, you're probably richer than 25% of the world's population.

*Footnote: Print this paragraph out, Xerox app. 3000 times, and distribute everywhere

And Lastly, Nemo and I are working on a Webcomic/"Continuity Project". We call it Inexplicable.
Well, I can't rant about anything, as I'm sitting down to drink a cup of Tea Wot Wot.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Cool special effects, and gave my generation some Star Wars identity. (I think we all agree that Battle Droids are REALY cool.
Well, I'm watching Star Wars, the Phantom Menance, and Bullwinkinle, and I don't understand what was so bad about it. It had amazing cinematography, [Txt Limit]

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Word on Technology

Well, now I can blog from my cell phone, expect My posts to be more frequent and incoherent. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Well, the cell phone bill might be disturbing....

Also, I now have confidence that ULTra is a good confidence that ULTra will be an amazing form of transport, if we can get them distributed enough. Here's their website: . Think of personalized Metro/Subway, above ground, And faster. There is currently one in place at London's Heathrow Airport, If we're lucky, they'll come to the USA soon.
A thought that terrifies me is fully autonomous robots. You should be scared.

Lastly, an I-Pod Shuffle costs Apple around $22 to make, and they sell it for $79. All you need is 4 gig of memory, a circuit board, headphones and usb plugs. I expect to see a bunch of homemade I-Pods coming up soon...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Drt Mk. I

I can now publish Instructables onto my blog!! This is so cool! Here's how to make a Divot Repair Tool.

How to Make a Wooden Divot Repair Tool - More DIY How To Projects

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well, I recently did something extremely foolish...
I Accidentally lit my hand on fire....
So, it still hurts, and it's all disgusting. [Further Details If Inquired]

Also, I apologize for not actually posting anything in a while. Sorry.

I do in fact have a story for you all!! It's my plotline for an educational "B-Movie". I hope you like it:

The Attack of the 50 Foot Tall Protists
& the Killer Fungi

In a graveyard, a mushroom came out from the ground, above a grave. But, these were no ordinary circumstances; this was the grave of a victim of the Chernobyl Incident. The underground Hyphae had already absorbed the radioactive poison, and the Fungus was planning on spreading it.
Meanwhile, in the blistering cold of Canada’s Northwest Territories, a research lab was shattered, as a 50 foot tall Paramecium broke through the walls, its pellicle couldn’t bend anymore. It was followed by a 50 foot tall Amoeba, and a 90 foot tall Euglena (Counting the Flagellum). These Giant protists found the nearest water source, the Arctic Ocean, and they began to move toward warmth.
Back in Russia, the Radioactive Spores had been spread, and inadvertently been brought into St. Petersburg. The citizens had no idea what hit them. The Fungi had developed a craving for human flash, which the radioactive mutations had helped it evolve to meet this, rapidly. Some spores landed on the ground, but others, landed on humans. At first, when people started dying en masse, the Russian Authority believed that it was an outbreak of a disease. But when the first body was brought in for an autopsy, doctors found the body was filled with hair like threads, and there were no bacteria to be found in the body. The Fungi had effectively killed all other competitors for the body. The doctors realized that it was no disease they were dealing with, it was a pandemic, of Fungi.
The Protists began to swim towards warmth, and inevitably ended up off the coast of California. The Paramecium had arrived two days before the other protists, thanks in part to its Cilia, allowing it to swim upwards of 30 mph. The Protists, while all arriving in different locations, began to hunger, and launched their onslaught on the nearby cities. The Paramecium ravaged San Diego, the Amoeba, Los Angeles. And the sharks in San Francisco harbor were no match for this massive invader. There was a reign of terror in Southern California.
People were dying by the thousands. Martial Law was declared, but nothing could stop the spread of this fungi. The Army was called in. Luckily for the Russians, they had spent the Cold War planning to fight in a Nuclear Wasteland, St. Petersburg matched that description. The Soldiers pulled out anyone that had escaped the fungi, being forced to leave those that hadn’t. They created a barrier, and began to pour salt all over the city, and drain it of water. The fungus would quickly begin to die of dehydration. High intensity lights were also added from every possible angle, knowing that fungi prefer the dark.
In San Diego, the National Guard was fighting the Giant Paramecium, but to no avail. It seemed to outwit their tactics, and it had two nuclei to function with. The Guard opened fire, aiming for the Macro Nucleus. The Macro Nucleus was destroyed, but the Paramecium was still alive. Though, in a trance-like state, it wasn’t dead. The Micro Nucleus was still intact. Suddenly, the Paramecium launched itself forward, and soldiers standing in the wrong place found themselves in the Paramecium’s oral groove, and were deposited in the gullet. It was a truly disheartening sight to see your fellow soldiers being digested through the translucent cytoplasm and vacuole of the protist. The Guard had an idea. Strapping explosive charges together, they threw them into the oral groove. The miniature cilia moved the explosives down, into the gullet, which deposited them in the Food Vacuole. The explosive were detonated. This ruptured the Pellicle and the Cell Membrane. Cytoplasm spewed out of the shell, carrying out the two contractile vacuoles and the small nucleus.
Los Angeles hadn’t gotten federal support yet, and the Giant Amoeba was going downtown. Citizens tried to flee, but were grabbed by tentacle-like pseudopods, and metabolized. Conventional tactics of attack didn’t work on the Amoeba, its shape was changing constantly, and it could take a hit with little to no damage. The residents of Los Angeles began to think up a plan. They lured the giant Amoeba into a construction site. They swung the crane’s hook into the Amoeba and smashed its contractile vacuole. The Amoeba began to expand, to the breaking point. Much like in San Diego, cytoplasm covered everything in sight. But the menace was gone.
St. Petersburg had been saved, but almost two thirds of its population was decimated by the killer fungi. Clean up efforts were going on, making sure that every hyphae was destroyed.
In the San Francisco Bay, there’s an urban legend of a giant Euglena; being able to produce its own food, but also hunting sharks, and people, for food. They say that if you see its eyespot, it’s too late, and that you’ll be caught by a whip like flagellate, and consumed.